Telehealth News and Notes Week of 9/4/2018

Telehealth News and Notes Week of 9/4/2018

Here we are back again for issue number two of Telehealth News and Notes, Your weekly guide to what is new in Medical Technology and What others are doing that you may want to try.

  1. In Germany, Researchers have found the they can use Telemedicine and it increases life expectancy among patients with heart disease.  The summary says “Telemedical interventional management reduces hospitalizations and prolongs the life of patients with heart failure. Researchers have shown that these findings apply equally to patients in rural and in metropolitan settings.”  The patients in this study used many medical devices with remote monitoring but even just using video conferencing to meet more with Medical professionals can have a significant impact on quality of care.

2. Want to help yourself or others improve mental health?  Study says to Exercise with a group or play team sports.  Exercise has proven time and time again to help mental as well as physical health, but extra attention has been paid to the importance of being in community. Citing Zumba classes as “the best exercise for mental health” Researchers claim that it is the social and communal aspects of the classes that tip the needle.   Click here to read more.


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