Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Increasing patient access – Lakeside Hospital in Memphis PDF Print E-mail

“Secure Telehealth has changed the way we interact with patients in a positive way. Since implementing this product, we have dramatically decreased the time patients wait for their behavioral assessments and their treatment, expediting their transportation to the facility that best fits their treatment needs. Getting the patient the help they need is what we do, Secure Telehealth helps us get it done faster.”

Wilson Foy

Increase Patient Access – Laurelwood Hospital in Gainesville, GA PDF Print E-mail

“We provide a mobile assessment service to eight rural hospitals throughout a thirteen county region. Our purpose is to assist in appropriate referral and placement of behavioral health patients. We implemented Secure Telehealth to reduce the front-end delay related to travel time. The response has been very positive. We also have seen increased efficiency while reducing cost. It is a great partnership for us.”

Adam J. Raulerson, M.S., LMFT Laurelwood Hospital

Improving Continuity of Care PDF Print E-mail

“Rural Indiana can be challenged when it comes to providing continuity of care for our mental health members. By providing a link to their care through Secure Telehealth, we reduce the likelihood of unnesessary readmissions, provide a connection that keeps them safe, and a visual to gauge reactions to drive excellent care! In summary…love it!”

Jean Scallon, CEO, Bloomington Meadows Hospital in Bloomington, Indiana