“Better than Face to Face”

“Better than Face to Face”

Health Care Organizations utilizing telehealth software often wonder, “Will it work as well as our face to face appointments?” or “Will we have to sacrifice the quality of our patient care?”  They are concerned that the experience of meeting with a provider through a video conference will be intimidating for a patient or uncomfortable for the provider.  Many organizations using Secure Telehealth for their HIPAA – compliant video conferencing have been pleasantly surprised.  Not only are we hearing that when using our telehealth software, the sessions are just as effective, in many cases we are hearing that the telehealth session are even better than face to face.  Here are some examples:

Patients who are shy or nervous, but comfortable and familiar with gaming and interacting in a digital fashion, feel more relaxed. It can be intimidating for many people to be in a doctor’s office and they may feel too overwhelmed by the circumstance to reveal their real thoughts. But, sitting in a room by themselves gives them their own territory and personal space.”

  • Annie Mills, Director of Nursing at New Oakland Family Centers in Michigan

Telehealth access has helped me be able to see clients more regularly and consistently because we don’t have to wait for face to face openings or problems related to clients travelling long distances to be seen.  I have also experienced cases where clients have been able to be more open, honest, and forthcoming on telehealth relative to face to face contacts.”

  • Jack Carlson LIMHP, Mental Health Therapist at Blue Valley Behavioral Health


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